Examples of Acceptable Coursework for Certification in Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences teachers help students prepare to maintain a career and household. Since a well-rounded background in Family and Consumer Science is desired, a maximum of 9 semester hours of coursework is acceptable from each Family and Consumer Science discipline listed below. Unacceptable courses are those which are exclusively focused on sociology, counseling, accounting, and finance.

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Examples of Acceptable Courses for Human Service and Family Studies

  • Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Child Development and Parenting
  • Family Relations
  • Child Development and Psychology
  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Gerontology
  • Problems in Marriage and the Family
  • Child and Family Policies
  • Families and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • Family Issues and Conflict Resolution
  • Theories of Lifespan Development
  • Human Ecology
  • The Family in Perspective
  • The Child in the Family
  • Parent Education

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Examples of Acceptable Courses for Food and Nutrition Studies

  • Foods and Nutrition
  • Food Science
  • Dietetics
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Global and Gourmet Foods
  • Commercial Food Program
  • Meal Planning and Meal Management
  • Experimental Food Science
  • Quantity Food Purchasing, Production, and Equipment
  • Introductory Foods
  • Nutrition in Everyday Life

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Examples of Acceptable Courses for Textiles and Design Discipline

  • Home Furnishings
  • Clothing Production
  • Textiles and Design
  • The Fashion Industry
  • Textiles
  • Apparel Science
  • Apparel Design
  • Interior Design
  • Aspects of Textiles and Clothing
  • Individual and Family Clothing Problems
  • Socio-Psychological Aspects of Dress

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Examples of Acceptable Courses for Consumer Skills, Resource Management and Career Studies Discipline

  • Personal and Family Finance
  • Family Management and Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Resource Management
  • Family Resource Management
  • The Family and Consumer Studies
  • Housing
  • Careers in Human Services
  • Career Development
  • Career Studies
  • Entrepreneurship

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To learn what types of courses are part of a major in Agricultural Education, you may wish to review the course catalogs of New York State colleges that have programs which lead to teacher certification in Agriculture. A list of these colleges can be found by using the Inventory of Registered Programs .

For a complete description of what a teacher is expected to know in order to teach Family and Consumer Sciences as defined in the New York State Learning Standards, go to the New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE) Family and Consumer Sciences Test Framework external link'

Last Updated: May 17, 2018