Instructions for Completing the Application to Offer Coursework or Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention (DASA Training)

The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) added Article 2 to the Education Law (Education Law §§10 through 18), to require, among other things, school districts to create policies and guidelines to be used in school training programs to discourage the development of discrimination or harassment and to enable employees to prevent and respond to discrimination or harassment.  These provisions took effect on July 1, 2012.   

In June 2012 the Legislature enacted Chapter 102 of the Laws of 2012, which amended the Dignity Act to include a requirement that school professionals applying for a certificate or license on or after July 1, 2013 complete training on the social patterns of harassment, bullying and discrimination. In June 2013 the Legislature amended the effective date to December 31, 2013. 

Part 80 of the Commissioner’s Regulations requires anyone applying for an administrative or supervisory service, classroom teaching service or school service who apply for a certificate or license on or after July 1, 2013, shall have completed at least six clock hours of coursework or training in Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention.

These instructions outline information required on the Application for Approval as a Provider. Prior to completing the Application, please read all of the instructions carefully.

Those institutions/organizations which will offer the training to one or more of these audiences must apply to the State Education Department for provider approval.

  1. Please list the official name and address, including the county, of the applicant/provider.

  2. The telephone number is the number at which the contact person may be reached during regular business hours.

  3. Web address of provider applicant.

  4. The contact person is the individual to whom any questions about the application should be addressed.

  5. Email address of contact person

  6. Check the appropriate category in which the applicant/provider belongs.
    Please note: providers are limited by regulation to the listed categories; applicants from other categories are ineligible.

  7. Please describe your target audience.

  8. Identify the certifying officer(s) who will sign the Certification of Completion forms.
    Please provide a sample signature of the officer(s).

  9. Identify the name, phone number and fax number of the person responsible for maintaining these records. Identify the location where verification of completion and copies of all program materials used for each presentation will be maintained.

  10. Describe the professional population primarily served by your organization and the scope of services you provide.

  11. List the fee you will be charging for the training.

  12. Complete the Instructor Qualifications form, identifying the professional(s) who will be the trainer. Provide their academic credentials, relevant experience, and expertise in training in harassment, bullying, cyberbullying, and discrimination in schools: prevention and intervention. You may duplicate the form if additional copies are needed.

  13. Include a course outline or syllabus. The course must cover all items listed in the “course syllabus, Harassment, Bullying, cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention”.

            Indicate the length in hours of the program and the delivery format

    • evaluation plans for participants
Last Updated: September 26, 2013