Certification Examination - edTPA

The edTPA is a national performance assessment that is designed to evaluate how teacher candidates plan and teach lessons in ways that make the content clear and help diverse students learn, assess the effectiveness of their teaching, and adjust teaching as necessary. New York State requires most teacher candidates applying for their first Initial certificate in a subject area to successfully complete the edTPA in the area of the certificate sought. Teachers applying for the Initial certificate using the Endorsement pathway are not required to pass any NYS certification exams, including the edTPA.

Candidates must pass the appropriate edTPA for their certification area PDF to meet the edTPA requirement. If you do not complete the edTPA that corresponds to your certification area, you will need to submit the edTPA in the appropriate area. Candidates in a teacher preparation program should work with faculty and/or staff to determine which edTPA to complete before registering for the assessment.

If you are applying for multiple teaching certificates and/or are enrolled in a teacher preparation program leading to certification in multiple subject areas (e.g., Childhood Grades 1-6 and SWD Childhood Grades 1-6), then you would apply for your first Initial certificate in the subject area that corresponds your edTPA. The other subject area(s) would be considered additional certificates and do not require a separate edTPA.

To register for the edTPA and for information about the assessment, including registration, submission and score reporting dates, go to http://www.edtpa.com/ External Link. Additional information related to the New York State edTPA requirement is available through the following links.

Last Updated: February 1, 2018