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2005-2006 Archived Forms

HEDS Data Collection Forms 2005-06

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F. AUDIT  Certified Financial Audit (two copies)Due Fiscal Year+120 Days (formerly 100 Days)

NYSED-SUR1 Coordinators Survey Due July 15, 2005

NYSED-2 Certification of Earned Degrees Conferred  (Bundy program participants only)

NYSED-8 Directory of Off-Campus Instructional Locations Due Sept. 1, 2005

NYSED-4.1 Student Financial Aid Due Sept. 15, 2005

NY-2.4A Preliminary Fall Degree-Credit Enrollment Due Oct. 1, 2005

CATALOG Current College Catalog Due Oct. 15, 2005

NYSED-2R Institutional Activity Due Nov. 1, 2005

NYSED-2.4 Fall Degree-Credit Enrollment Due Nov. 15, 2005

NYSED-1 Admissions and Academic Preparation (Freshmen) Due Dec. 1, 2005

NYSED-2.2 Full-Time Undergraduate Transfer Enrollment Due Dec. 15, 2005

NYSED-2.8 Residence and Migration of College Students | Not Due: Off Year

NYSED-2H-1 Personnel Development for Special Education Due Dec. 15, 2005

NYSED-2.9 Graduation Rate Report - Full-Time UndergraduatesDue March 1, 2006

NYSED-2A Estimate of Earned Degrees Conferred program participants only) | Due March 15, 2006

OEDS Proprietary (Non-Degree) School Annual Report Form Due April 15, 2006

NYSED-2H-2 Enrollment of College Students with Disabilities Due May 1, 2006

NYSED-7 Inventory of Physical Facilities (Not collected this year) | Not Due: Off-Year

VTEA 1 Performance Measures for Credit-Bearing Vocational Programs New Dec. 15, 2005

VTEA 2 Performance Measures for Non-Credit Vocational Programs Due Dec. 15, 2005

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