Policy and College CEO Memoranda

Memos to College and University Presidents
Number Memo
11-02 The Bulletin of The Statewide Plan for Higher Education, 2012 - 2020 Adobe PDF (150 KB)
10-02 Update on Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) Testing Requirements for State Financial Aid PDF Image Icon (177 KB)
10-01 Regents Postsecondary Education Regions
08-10 Modified Proposal on Certification for Teachers of Students with Disabilities
07-03 Requirements related to Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards for students receiving their first award beginning in 2007-08 who do not hold U.S. high school diplomas or the recognized equivalent PDF Image Icon (309KB)
07-02 Update on new requirements related to college admissions and Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards PDF Image Icon (475KB)
06-06 Guidance Concerning Ability-to-Benefit Tests to Determine Eligibility for TAP Awards
06-03 Guidance Concerning Administration of Ability-to-Benefit Tests to Determine Eligibility for TAP Awards
06-02 Request for Comments on Proposed Policy Changes and Regulations Affecting Institutions of Higher Education
06-01 December 2005 Inventory of Registered Degree and Certificate Programs
05-04 Home Instruction Requirements: Revised Rules and Guidelines
05-03 December 2004 Inventory of Registered Degree and Certificate Programs
05-02 Two Important Teaching Policy Changes
05-01 Performance-based Policy Modifications regarding Faculty Staffing in Teacher Education Programs
03-07 The Bulletin of The Statewide Plan for Higher Education 2004-2012
02-08 Important Information About New York Colleges that are Institutionally Accredited by the Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education in Their Capacity as a Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agency PDF Image Icon (2,507KB)
02-06 Summary of Recent Interagency Discussion and Agreement on Issues Related to State Student Financial Assistance
99-06 Amendment of Section 145-2.1 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to State Student Financial Assistance for Part-time Students with Disabilities PDF Image Icon (1,205KB)
97-05 Statewide Plan for Higher Education: 1996-2004
96-11 C Average Requirement for Financial Aid
95-14 Credit Earned at Degree-Granting Proprietary Institutions
95-09 Public Disclosure of Accreditation Status
94-04 Prior Approval Required for Agreements Between a Degree-Granting Institution and a Non-Degree-Granting Entity Concerning the Offering of a Registered Degree Program PDF Image Icon (110KB)
91-07 Academic and Student Financial Assistance Regulations PDF Image Icon (13,381KB)
86-17 Repeated Courses and State Student Financial Aid Eligibility
84-07 Guidelines Concerning "Matriculation" and "Approved Program" for Purposes of State Student Financial Aid
82-05 The Attendance Regulation: An Addendum to the October 1981 Revised Guidelines PDF Image Icon (1,295KB)
81-12 Revised Guidelines Concerning Program Pursuit and Satisfactory Academic Progress  PDF Image Icon (682 KB)
80-15 Code of Ethics for Advertising PDF Image Icon (121,621KB)
80-16 Off-Campus Instruction PDF Image Icon(2,990KB)
71-04 Awarding Credit for Same Courses in Different Degree Programs

Policy Memoranda



June 2008 Update - School Leadership Certification Examination
June 2006 Educational Technology Specialists
February 2003 Preparation of College and University Faculty for Public School Teaching
March 1983 Conference Summary, Academic Requirements for State Student Aid


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