Policy and College CEO Memoranda

Memos to College and University Presidents
Number Memo
10-02 Update on Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) Testing Requirements for State Financial Aid PDF Image Icon (177 KB)
10-01 Regents Postsecondary Education Regions
07-03 Requirements related to Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards for students receiving their first award beginning in 2007-08 who do not hold U.S. high school diplomas or the recognized equivalent PDF Image Icon (309KB)
07-02 Update on new requirements related to college admissions and Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards PDF Image Icon (475KB)
06-06 Guidance Concerning Ability-to-Benefit Tests to Determine Eligibility for TAP Awards
06-03 Guidance Concerning Administration of Ability-to-Benefit Tests to Determine Eligibility for TAP Awards
06-02 Request for Comments on Proposed Policy Changes and Regulations Affecting Institutions of Higher Education
05-04 Home Instruction Requirements: Revised Rules and Guidelines
02-08 Important Information About New York Colleges that are Institutionally Accredited by the Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education in Their Capacity as a Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agency PDF Image Icon (2,507KB)
02-06 Summary of Recent Interagency Discussion and Agreement on Issues Related to State Student Financial Assistance
99-06 Amendment of Section 145-2.1 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to State Student Financial Assistance for Part-time Students with Disabilities PDF Image Icon (1,205KB)
96-11 C Average Requirement for Financial Aid
95-14 Credit Earned at Degree-Granting Proprietary Institutions
95-09 Public Disclosure of Accreditation Status
94-04 Prior Approval Required for Agreements Between a Degree-Granting Institution and a Non-Degree-Granting Entity Concerning the Offering of a Registered Degree Program PDF Image Icon (110KB)
91-07 Academic and Student Financial Assistance Regulations PDF Image Icon (13,381KB)
86-17 Repeated Courses and State Student Financial Aid Eligibility
80-15 Code of Ethics for Advertising PDF Image Icon (121 KB)
80-16 Off-Campus Instruction PDF Image Icon(2,990KB)
71-04 Awarding Credit for Same Courses in Different Degree Programs

Policy Memoranda



March 1983 Conference Summary, Academic Requirements for State Student Aid


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