Student Teaching Placement Waiver


Approved Review Criteria for Requests for Alternate Models of Student Teaching

  1. The request must meet or exceed the minimum number of experience hours, 100 clock hours of field experience and 40 days of student teaching, required in Commissioner's Regulations 52.21(b)(2)(ii)(c)(2).

  2. Candidates must experience the full range of developmental levels covered by their respective certificate(s).  If the request is for an alternate model of student teaching without two separate placements, the institution of higher education (IHE) must include additional field experiences at the other developmental levels of the certificate.

  3. The request is limited to four academic years. Extensions beyond that four year period will require another application. 

  4. The Department must be informed of the number of candidates and the number of preparation program faculty and staff assigned to oversee the alternate models.

  5. The IHE must have signed consent forms from each candidate participating in the alternate model of student teaching. These agreements must be available to the Department upon request.

  6. The IHE must develop a signed agreement with the partnering P-12 school or school district. The agreement must:
    • describe the role of the IHE and schools or districts within the alternate model of student teaching to mutually support the candidates including but not limited to: the role of field supervisors, the orientation of cooperating teachers, the frequency of site visits, and a clearly defined system for providing feedback on the placement experience by the teacher-of-record (TOR) and the candidate;
    • outline any incentives provided to participating teachers, schools and/or districts;
    • detail what additional supports and ongoing training the candidates will receive during the longer placement;
    • describe how candidate attendance will be monitored;
    • describe how each candidate’s impact on student learning will be considered; and
    • develop a clearly articulated plan to evaluate the success of the approved alternate model of student teaching.

  7. All participating IHEs and their partnering P-12 schools or districts must be in good standing evidenced by meeting the conditions outlined below.

    The Partnering P-12 School or District:
    • must have a Department-approved Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan in place; 
    • must have a mentoring TOR that is permanently or professionally certified who has at least one of the following qualifications:  be designated by the district as a teacher mentor or coach, rated Effective or Highly-Effective under the district's APPR plan, or have a National Board Certificate.
    • must have a mentoring TOR certified in the title sought, or when not available, in a closely related area.

The Institution of Higher Education:

    • must not have any accreditation issues raised related to field experience and/or student teaching during its most recent accreditation review; and

    • must have a pass rate of 80% or higher on all teacher certification exams and not be under any corrective action review on past exams.