State Education Department Press Release on the Closure of Taylor Business Institute

The State Education Department today announced its decision to close the Taylor Business Institute, a for-profit college located at 23 West 17th Street in NYC.   The school, which enrolls approximately 600 students, has been ordered to close at the end of the fall 2006 semester.   

The decision to close Taylor Business Institute was made after multiple visits to the school identified substantial and consistent areas of non-compliance with the legal standards that govern the operation of degree-granting institutions in New York State. Despite significant technical assistance provided by the Education Department, the Institute failed to make the improvements needed to continue operating.


 “The protection of the students and the investment that they have made in their education is the primary concern of the New York State Board of Regents and the State Education Department,” said Commissioner of Education, Richard P. Mills when he announced the decision to close the school.

The decision about Taylor comes at a time when the Board of Regents has undertaken a comprehensive review of how for-profit degree-granting institutions are approved and monitored in New York State.  Next month, the Regents are scheduled to discuss new requirements that these institutions will have to meet before the Regents will approve them to issue degrees.

“We identified several areas of consistent non-compliance at Taylor. These areas include inadequate rigor, level and content of coursework that could impact a student’s ability to transfer credits to other degree-granting institutions; inadequate investments in critical educational services, such as faculty, library resources, equipment and support services; rapid turnover of staff and faculty; understaffed student support services; and hiring of staff and faculty who lack requisite skills and experience. In short, the students at Taylor are not receiving the college-level education that they are paying for,” said Johanna Duncan-Poitier, Deputy Commissioner for Higher Education and the Professions.

The State Education Department will directly contact all Taylor students to inform them about the school’s closure and detail all options for continuing their education at other institutions.  The Department has arranged a College Transfer Fair for the Taylor students on October 18th from 2-7 p.m. at the CUNY Graduate Center.  Representatives of other educational institutions will be there to discuss transfer opportunities. Information and guidance about State and Federal student financial aid will also be provided.   “We want the transition to go smoothly so that students will choose to continue their education and graduate,” said Duncan-Poitier.

The Department has also created a page on its Web site for Taylor students.  Information about the school’s closure, the College Transfer Fair, and resources to help students transition to other schools will be provided on that site.  The Web address is: 

Last Updated: October 22, 2009