§ 52.23 Procedures on denial of reregistration.

(a) Except as provided in subdivision (b) of this section, decisions to deny reregistration of an existing curriculum may be appealed in accordance with the following procedure:

(1) Within 15 days of receiving notice of the decision to deny reregistration of a curriculum, the institution shall notify the commissioner in writing of its intention to appeal.

(2) Within 90 days of receiving notice of the decision to deny reregistration, the institution shall submit its appeal to the commissioner. The appeal shall take the form of a written statement which presents the institution’s position and all evidence and information which the institution believes is pertinent to the case.

(3) Within 60 days of receiving the institution’s statement of appeal, the commissioner will issue a determination on the appeal.

(4) Registration of existing curricula, which would otherwise expire, will be continued until the commissioner’s determination on the appeal is issued.

(b) In lieu of the procedures in subdivision (a) of this section, the due process procedures in section 4-2.6 of this Title shall be employed when reregistration of a teacher education program is denied based upon a review conducted for the accreditation of the program by the Board of Regents pursuant to Subpart 4-2 of this Title.

(c) Upon denial of reregistration an institution shall:

(1) cease recruitment for an enrollment of new students in each curriculum for which registration is expiring;

(2) cease operation of each curriculum for which reregistration is denied by the effective date of such denial; and

(3) cooperate with the department to ensure that students already enrolled in curricula for which reregistration is denied are able to find avenues for completion of their studies with a minimum of disruption.