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Article 129-A of the Education Law


Chief Executive Officers of Institutions of Higher Education in New York State

From: Joseph Frey, Deputy Commissioner for Higher Education

June 24, 2009


Updated Article 129-A of the Education Law
Updated Article 129-A of the Education Law PDF Document (52.9 KB)

Pursuant to Article 129-A of the Education Law, please provide certification that the college is in compliance with all provisions of this Article.  Enclosed is a copy of the certification form which must be signed and submitted by August 1, 2009. Please send to:

Joseph P. Frey, Associate Commissioner
Office of Higher Education
New York State Education Department
Room 977, Education Building Annex
Albany, New York 12234

Please note: As was required in previous years, it is not necessary at this time to submit “written rules for implementing all policies pursuant to this Article and for the maintenance of public order on college campuses and other college properties used for educational purposes” to the New York State Education Department. The submission of such materials is required every ten (10) years (next submission due in 2014).

            If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Enclosure: Article 129-A Checlist Microsoft Word Document (31.5K)

cc:      Barbara Meinert

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