Meeting Agenda

Friday, December 14, 2012
Video-Conference Meeting


Site Locations: Education Building, Albany, NY; CUNY Central, NY, NY; Nazareth College, Rochester, NY; SUNY Postdam, Postdam, NY; Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; and Valley Central High School, Montgomery, NY.

FULL BOARD MEETING                         12:00-3:00 p.m., Room Regents Room

Call to Order / Information Items
12:00-  12:10                                                   

Presenters: Co-chairs Debra Calvino and Jerry Mager

  • Welcome
  • Reminders of updated profiles for the PSPB Website
  • Request for employer contact information for thank you letters from the Commissioner
  • Review of Agenda


Meeting Minutes

Result: Approval of November 2012 Meeting Minutes
Process: Action
Presenters: Co-chairs Debra Calvino and Jerry Mager

Network Training Institute Report

Result: Report on Participation in the November Network Training Institute
Process: Report and Discussion
Presenters: Debra Calvino, Khieta Davis, Rita Floess, and Gale Sookdeo
Priority: O

Teacher Leader
Career Ladder
Professional Practices
Subcommittee Report

Result: Report on Model for Teacher and Leader Career Ladder Implementation
Process:  Report and Discussion, and Recommendation to the Full Board
Presenters: Khieta Davis and John Mahoney, Professional Practices Subcommittee
Priority: P

By Laws Revision

Result: Revision of By Laws
Process: Report and Discussion, and Recommendation to the Full Board
Presenters: Trudy Bantle, Maria DeWald and Ruth Pagerey
Priority: C

Higher Education Part-Time
Teaching  Experience

Result: Proposed Amendment of Part-Time Teaching Experience
Process: Report and Discussion
Presenter: Ann Jasinski
Priority: P

Meeting Adjournment


O =  Ongoing work     P = Priority agenda     C = (other identified) Concern

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