May Meeting Minutes 2011

Date:               May  5th and 6th , 2011                                         
Location:         State Education Department, Seminar Room 5A&B, Albany, New York

Members Present


Catalina Fortino, co-chair
Jerry Mager, Co-chair
Julius Adams
Richard Ahola
Debra Calvino
Allison Cugini
Stephen Danna

Khieta Davis
Maria DeWald
Richard Feller
Cheryl Freedman
Jan Hammond
Lloyd Jaeger
John Mahony

Lindsay Mauer Haviland
Susan Mittler
Walter Robertson
Pamela Sandoval
Frank Scelsa
Gale Sookdeo
Ellen Sullivan


Sheila Appel
Janice Cabbell
Coleen Clay

Margaret Kaiser
Joseph Perez
Susan Phillips


Robert Bentley

Allison Armour-Garb

Patricia Oleaga

May 5th, 2011

1. Call to Order

Day One of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 4:02 p.m.

2. March Meeting Follow-up/ Announcements

The co-chairs reviewed the agenda and goals for the meeting.


3. Pearson Presentation on Performance Based Assessments

The Jeanne Clayton and Phil Gullian of the Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson reported on the current progress and pilot program for the new performance based assessments for teachers and school building leaders.

4. Meeting Minutes

That the minutes of the March 2011 meeting be approved.
(Moved by R. Ahola, seconded by P. Sandoval, carried.)

 5.  Adjournment

The co-chairs adjourned Day One of the meeting at 6:03 p.m.

May 6th , 2011

1.  Call to Order

Day Two of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 8:10 a.m.
The agenda was updated, to include those items not addressed on May 5th.

2. SED policy review

Bob reported on the development of tenure regulations for instructional support service titles and regulations to allow individuals with advanced degrees in STEM to obtain teaching certification. Allison reported on the Regent’s Task Force Report presented to the Board of Regents at their April meeting.

3. Update on the Regents Task force

Lloyd Jaeger and John Mahoney reported on the April meeting of the Regent’s Task Force on Teacher and Principal Effectiveness.

4. Co-chairs reported on their meeting with the Commissioner.

The Commissioner and co-chairs met by phone on Thursday May 5th and discussed.

  • The NYS Common Core State Standards
  • The NYS Mentoring Standards
  • Changes proposed to Part 83
  • Department support with field placement of student teachers.
  • Using high needs schools for student teacher placement in the Clinically Rich Graduate Programs

5. Report Out

Mentoring Ad Hoc Group: Jan Hammond and John Mahoney reported the ad-hoc group met on May 6th . The group worked to make revisions. Gale Sookdeo volunteered to crosswalk the Mentoring Standards with the Teaching Standards. Frank Scelsa revised the introduction. John Mahony worked on the power point slides. Jan Hammond will collate the revisions for submission.

Professional Practices Subcommittee: Richard Feller and Susan Mittler reported that the subcommittee met on May 5thth and May 6th. The subcommittee reviewed 21 Part 83 cases and continued to work on the subcommittee agenda reported on in February. The documents will be shared at the June meeting.

Higher Education Subcommittee: Jerry Mager reported that the subcommittee met on May 5thth and May 6th. Jerry reported the group has begun to frame an advisory letter and looks forward to productive sharing at the June meeting. The subcommittee was also asked to give feedback on rubrics for student teacher observation.

6. Next Steps

The co-chairs reminded the full board to save the dates of December 16, 2011 and April 20, 2012 for video conferences, and to consider joining other members on June 2nd for a group dinner to commemorate those members that would be leaving the board.

 7. Adjournment

The co-chairs adjourned Day Two of the meeting at 12:46 a.m.

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