Collegiate Development Programs

Impact and Accomplishments

Program Year 2009-10 Data*

*Based on data from 49 of 51 projects

College Students served 6,165
CSTEP students graduating from college 1,358
CSTEP participants in STEM majors 88%

Participants with a GPA above 3.0

Participants who are African-American, Hispanic or American Indian 87%

CSTEP Increases Access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Careers and the Licensed Professions

  • over 70 percent of CSTEP students matriculate in STEM and health related fields
  • on average, more than 15 percent of CSTEPĀ graduates enter licensed professions each year
  • over 5,500 underrepresented and disadvantaged students participate annually in CSTEP

CSTEP Improves Student Readiness

  • enriches science and mathematics instruction
  • students learn science content through research based practical training
  • introduces inquiry based learning techniques
  • provides standardized graduate school test preparation
  • assists students with the graduate/professional school application process

CSTEP Increases Career Awareness

  • provides practical training to link coursework to careers
  • convenes career development conferences
  • displays student accomplishments through presentations, competitions and awards
  • provides graduate and professional school recruitment opportunities

CSTEP Results

  • CSTEP seniors graduate at a higher rate than peers
  • CSTEP graduates pursue graduate programs and licensure at a higher rate than their peers
Last Updated: March 25, 2011