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Institution Counts, Academic Year 2001-02 
Operating Degree-Granting Colleges and Universities
New York State and New York City

Institution counts displayed here are based on the degree-granting units as listed in the Inventory of Registered Programs

All units in the IRP that are linked together as main and branch campuses are counted as one unit for the purposes of this table.

New York State



SUNY* CUNY Independent


Total State
Two-Year 29 6 22 32 89
Four-Year or More 35 13 120 9 177
Total 64 19 142 41 266


New York City

Level Sector
SUNY* CUNY Independent Proprietary Total NYC
Two-Year - 6 10 11 27
Four-Year or More 4 13 40 8 65
Total 4 19 50 19 92

The following changes were made to the 2000-01 institution count to create the 2001-02 institution count:

Additions- None yet.

Closings- The College of Insurance in Manhattan became part of St. Johnís University.

Level Change- None yet.

SOURCE: New York State Education Department
Office of Research & Information Systems, as of October 1, 2001